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5 months ago

Meta Hexagon is a port/demake of Terry's Cavanagh Super Hexagon, a game where you try to avoid incoming waves of walls by rotating around an hexagon. This first version include one level with increasing difficulty and one orignal chiptune track. Try to survive as long as possible to earn a high score !

Gameplay video

Controls are LEFT/RIGHT to rotate around the Hexagon, MENU ends your run.

Stay tuned for more levels !

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NEW 5 months ago

I used to waste lots of time on Super Hexagon. I'd say hours but after a couple of good runs I'd get frustrated and need a break. But I'd always come back for more!

I can't wait to play this on the Meta!


NEW 5 months ago

Looks charming on the Gamebuino, great homage to the original! Easy to pick up and get lost for a while playing.


NEW 4 months ago

Nice! The original music was a perfect match, I hope the chiptune will be as good!


NEW 4 months ago

I'm looking forward to this!  The version on the Gamebuino Classic looked really cool, but it really was missing something without a rocking chiptune to go along with the gameplay.  The screen ghosting on the Classic also made it difficult to play, so I'm hoping the color screen on the Meta will make this version even better.


NEW 3 months ago

hey i was thinking about take the original level but change the music it should look cool ! na ?

but i prefer have your ''permission'' <3


3 months ago

You don't need any permission to modify an open source code ;D


NEW 3 months ago

makdany makdany

You don't need any permission to modify an open source code ;D


NEW 2 months ago

I love playing this game !! Is there a chance for any updates ? :D

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