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The planet of Turnax has extensive mineral deposits of high value to the Interplanetary Allied Confederation (IPAC). Recent unanticipated attacks by primitive species have proven damaging to mining operations. Your mission is to eliminate the primitive hierarchy in minimal time.

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NEW 2 months ago

The Source Code is now available in the download.


NEW 2 months ago

Absolutely, i will add the source code for download on our website hopefully in the next day or so.


NEW 2 months ago

I love the game, even if the slimes tend to annoy me when they block an entrance or exit ;D 

May I kindly ask: Is it possible that you share the creation code? I would like to learn how to programm a shooting character. It would be great to take a peek into your code for this :). However, I would of course understand if you're not fine with this. 

Anyway, great job, thanks for the game!

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