This is a Klondike solitaire game for the META. It includes two difficulties (turning one or three cards at a time) and the ability to undo moves.

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NEW 3 months ago

King on an empty space is the same set of rules that Windows Solitaire uses. I didn't know there was any other rules for the game.

I also got to play it on the real hardware today. Easy to see on the small screen, which is extremely nice.


NEW 3 months ago

yes i had same rule (only king in empty slot). But as Sorunome said (wrote) there is a tone of rules for this game. (Maybe an other option to add in choices ?)


NEW 3 months ago

Aurélien Rodot Aurélien Rodot

There are multiple rules, this one seems to be the one where you can only drop kings on an empty slot

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